Terms and Conditions

Carlos water sports. The company is privately owned and operated.

1. “The Company” functions as an agent in charge of presenting the products / services reserved and as general terms and general conditions of the issuers of the tickets.

2. Prices and information provided by “The Company” are displayed on the basis of “The Companies”. “The Company” did not accept any responsibility for the information given, or it is not updated / no longer applies.

3. In the event that the product / service purchased is by “The Company”, it is governed by the “Companies”, the terms and the general conditions of sale, a complete copy of which a request is available.

4. In the case where the reserved product (s) / service (s) is given a no refund / transfer policy applies unless: –

4.1 The company can not provide the service / product or a suitable alternative.

4.2 The buyer has a minimum of 48 hours notice of the intention to cancel the service / product requested, in which case a refund of 50{1f9dc1d38def394dd25e94e2ec0ff347c22a184edc86e2186eba1e9115e9e3ff} of the total cost of the purchase will be granted *

5. “The Company” is not responsible for accidents, damage / loss of personal belongings, transportation was lost or failure to comply with the instructions given.

Carlos Water Sports Benidorm

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Carlos Water Sports Benidorm, Levante Beach, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain